End Violence and hard labour against children

End Violence and hard labour against children

Campaign by World Action Fund - Kampala, Uganda
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About this Campaign

Child torture is an extreme crime, Covid-19 pandemic has made it worst for most children to get tortured as the parents fight and quarrel openly.

Times of economic uncertainty, civil unrest, and disaster are linked to a myriad of risk factors for increased violence against women and children Pandemics are no exception. In fact, the regional or global nature and associated fear and uncertainty associated with pandemics provide
an enabling environment that may exacerbate or spark diverse forms of violence. But Children and Women need close care and support

Use of Funds

1) Support the victimized children, provide game materials, scholastic support
2) Support and employment of women who have economic insecurity and poverty-related stress,
3) Support children and women in quarantines and social isolation,
4) Counsel parents exposed to exploitative relationships due to changing demographics, pandemics and income disparities
5) Provide rapid support in emergency health risks to access health services
6) Mentor, counsel and comfort women and husbands in abusive relationships and provide safe places for rest returning to their homes
7) Engage local leaders in containing violence and coercion in response efforts, and violence perpetrated against children and women
8) Engage police, local area authorities in settling child violence and torture