Help us build a library and computer center in the village of Niamtougou

Project by ONG FIVE HEARTS, Saint-Julien-en-Genevois, Togo
$13,452.4 (13 donors)
Goal is $70,000
19 Complete (success)

About this project

ONG Five Hearts is a secular and a-political nonprofit organization engaged in educational projects to support and benefit disadvantaged children in Togo.

The organization runs a library and computer room in the village of Niamtougou (in the Northern part of Togo), catering to approximately 100 children and youth. The current structure is too small to accommodate the needs of all the children and this project is intended to enlarge the library and computer room and build a dormitory for youth to stay over the weekend. The new library and computer center will be equipped with 15 new computers and an overhead projector and the intention is to welcome young people during the holidays to train in computer science.

Use of Proceeds

The proceeds raised in this campaign will be used for building costs (local labor and materials) and computer equipment. The cost of construction is $61,000 and the cost of computer equipment and furniture is $9,000.

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