The Hope Food Barn

The Hope Food Barn

Campaign by Hope for the Abused and Battered - Douala, Cameroon
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About this Campaign

Hope for the abused and battered (H4AB) has as objective to bring hope to the hopeless and the vulnerable. One of such vulnerable individuals are the internally displaced persons (IDPs) displaced due to the crisis in the English Speaking regions of Cameroon. Here in Douala we have over 30 000 of them living with relatives, in makeshift camps, and some are loitering the streets.

Through the Hope Food Barn, we intend to collect food from donors, and redistribute same to the target beneficiaries who will come to us or be referred to us. We recognize that some people have it in them to help the less privileged with food items, and that some retail food outlets throw away food. We will be appealing to all such donors to help us be the hope for the hungry. We are ever conscious of the statement that a hungry person is an angry person, and it is difficult to rationalize with a hungry person. Kindly help us help these internally displaced persons, victims of a crisis they never caused.

Use of Funds

We will use any donations received to build a secure barn next to our office, and then buy the foodstuffs which will then be redistributed to these vulnerable beneficiaries.