Project by  Angels Resource Centres, Cape Town, South Africa
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About this project

The massive and desperate need in the rural communities of our country is overwhelming. Daily we receive messages from entrepreneurs in our care circles, to support them. It is devastating to see their hard work, to build their informal businesses, now going to waste as the (necessary) lockdown starts tearing away their hope, crushing all motivation to continue.

The situation has reached desperate levels, especially in the Northern Cape province, where our most vulnerable entrepreneurs reside. The informal farmers in our groups, already living in survivalist circumstances prior to the pandemic, have a daily struggle to ensure food security for their families and communities and for the survival of their small food gardens and what little livestock they manage to keep.

Angels can reach out to all our entrepreneurs and help them to survive through this, we can help them to have food and keep their livelihoods going at some slow pace. We have the necessary permission to travel to them, we can provide relief; we have lines of communication to them, we can provide hope and motivation to continue; we can try to apply for relief funds (they do not qualify for most and seldom have access to technology).

We do what it takes, as we have been doing for our rural communities for many years. To be able to continue, we ourselves need to have the strength and the means. Our non-profit organisation runs on a lean team of 28 staff across provinces, working daily to support our beneficiaries and their families. Due to the lockdown, we find clients diverting project funds and our own structures are taking strain.

As Angels, we are determined to continue serving the communities in our care. But we need your help. We are on many platforms, urging clients to continue supporting these vulnerable entrepreneurs in the rural communities.

Use of Proceeds

We are supporting close to 500 people in rural communities who are impacted by the inability of our entrepreneurs to generate income during the CV-19 lockdown. Not being able to generate income has a massive impact in a community - on average one entrepreneur can support between 3 and 8 people.

The funds help us to keep them in business during this time where most of them cannot generate income. Business as usual is not an option and we have to ensure that their families are cared for and their future remains hopeful. We need to do whatever it takes to help them keep their businesses open!

The funds are applied towards food security, health & hygiene support, data and airtime needs, payment of expenses such as rent, wages and other commitments usually paid through their business income. A percentage of the funds are also directed to our own expenses to enable implementation as many of our clients and sponsors are (understandably) diverting our usual project funds towards emergency needs.

The unemployment post-crisis will be devastating and to help cushion the impact, it is critical for us to help our entrepreneurs stay in business.