Enabling young Women ( IDPs) Employability through Soap and detergent Making Training

Project by  Global Minder Cameroon, Kumba, Cameroon
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About this project

The Giving Hope to Young Women project enables conflict-affected and internally displaced young women to be able to generate income for themselves and also to become economically independent. We are going to do it through giving these young women training on how to make more than 45 different soap and detergents which is used by every household in their day-to-day daily lives. For a bit more than 50$, you help a woman on her way out of poverty. On average, girls make 3 times more income after being in the program, 100% of participants or trainees will be the IPS young women so as to take them out of extreme poverty. So far, more than we have identified about 650 young women IDPs in Kumba , of South-West Cameroon.

In early 2018 the Anglophone crisis started, and waves of displaced women started arriving at the urban centers. They have gone through near-death experiences, survived in the forest for weeks or months and lost their property when they had to abandon their villages. As they arrive in the towns, they do not have any means of subsistence and survive by begging. We provide a chance to regain what was lost. 100% of our trainees are currently inside an active conflict zone.

The project acts as a source of stability in an environment where nothing else is certain. We provide Employability to IDPS through Soap and detergent Making Training (where the majority of your donation goes). We will also coach them on Sexual Health and Rights. They have all the skills they need to make it out of poverty and you provide a critical push.

A young woman who learned how to produce this items can starts her business with a sum of about 50 dollars, which we believed after she will be generating an average of 65 dollars a month. She keeps growing to improve on her businesses and to take care of her feeding and her family, with reduced stress levels, she takes better decisions and becomes less dependent on men. She eventually becomes a role model and helps develop her community: helps others and brings about economic growth.

Use of Proceeds

The money raised will be use for training and a a startup capital for the IDP young women. About $50 will trained and be a start up capital for on IDP young woman or girl