Building Resilient communities in Bwindi Change a life Bwindi Project Fundraising Drive to aid over 53 Batwa households in Bwindi (Uganda).

Campaign by  Change a Life Bwindi, Kampala, Uganda
$4,095.8 (31 donors)
Goal is $6,076
67 Complete (success)

About this campaign

In today’s Crisis caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic, the need for food has hit hard our most Vulnerable Communities, that’s why as Change A life Bwindi we have embarked on a fundraising drive to aid Over 53 households in Utmost need of food relief.
Members are struggling financially since they no longer earn from the weaving at the project. All tourism is now shut down and lodges closed. Leaving most people without any source of income and livelihood
The lack of financial dependency is also leading to increasing of domestic violence in homes because most of the women come from domestic violence families.
Change a life is targeting to raise a total of $6,076 for this course. The contribution will help to feed 14 Batwa families, 16 Reformed poachers, 20 women weavers, 6 project staff and their families.

Use of Proceeds

$20 will buy beans that last for 2weeks for a family of 3 people.
$50 will feed an average family of 4 people for a week
$80 will support a family of 6 people with soap , Maize floor & Beans
$100 will give a family of 8 people maize floor, beans and soap for a week .

Everyone is going through difficulties right now but we appreciate the need of everybody that would love to support in any way for the purchase of food relief to the affected families.
Together supporting vulnerable communities in Bwindi*Uganda