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Economic and professional empowerment project for indigenous women (Batwa) and child mothers in Burundi

Campaign by  MAMAS FOR BURUNDI ASSOCIATION, Bujumbura, Burundi
$41.7 (2 donors)
Goal is $10,000
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About this campaign

In Burundi, the Batwa community constitutes in particular a most miserable and forgotten social component. She lives in the most deplorable conditions in isolated and scattered sites in several corners of the country. Their habitats, their messy clothes, their misery and their lifestyle distinguish them from most of the rest of the Burundian population. While the other Burundians (Hutu and Tutsi) live mainly from agriculture, the Batwa are in dire need of cultivable land. They try to live still from the forge, the weaving of the mats and the pottery whereas this trade is exceeded. Their income is very paltry, and clay pots are no longer in tune with the times, but it is their main livelihood.

Use of Proceeds

- Administrative and communication costs: $ 250
- Cutting and cutting equipment: $ 3,000
- Rollover costs: $ 300
- Materials and construction of the henhouse: $ 2.110
- Human resources (mason / mason helper): $ 300
- Animals, food, equipment and materials: $ 2,145
- Supplies and consumables (vaccines, deworming): $ 250
- Cost of training and awareness-raising: $ 1,200
- Monitoring and evaluation: $ 445
Total: $ 10. 000