Emergency Response Services During the COVID-19 Lock down.

Emergency Response Services During the COVID-19 Lock down.

Campaign by Real Health Uganda - Wakiso, Uganda
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About this Campaign

Access to healthcare service in Uganda is at the worst with no one allowed to leave their homes, and with no means to move to health facilities as, motor bikes, cars (both public and private) are prohibited.

The government of Uganda only has 98 ambulances to support 42million people, overwhelming their capacity to react to emergency cases. RHU therefore seeks resources to purchase two ambulances to supplement the SOMI bus that was donated by MRS. Kim Somi in delivering patients in RHU supported communities to hospitals or to help deliver medical staff to patients for emergency cases.

Use of Funds

The funds will be used to purchase two ambulances. One ambulance will serve rural eastern Uganda and another will serve the war tone northern Uganda as the SOMI bus is already supporting the central region of the country.