Beirut Welfare

Beirut Welfare

Campaign by  Al Amal institute for The disabled, Broummana, Lebanon
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Goal is $10,000
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About this campaign

The Beirut Welfare is dedicated to the displaced residents of Beirut.
Because of the Massive Explosion tens of Thousands of People have been displaced and since Lebanon is under severe economic crisis many citizen's won't have the resources to buy sufficient food.

At Al Amal Institute and since the year 2006, we have been distributing {The Sweater And Wheat Relief Packages}. These Packages Contain 15 Kg's of Crops: Wheat, Burghul, Lentils, Beans and Chickpeas. In addition to the Grains, each package contains two Bars of Organic Soap and a Genuine Wool Sweater Manufactured by people with Special Needs.

The BEIRUT WELFARE will introduce Packages with Food and Soap. Each Package will contain:
15 Kg's of Foods.
3 Kg's of Burghul
3 Kg's of Lentils
3 Kg's of Beans
3 Kg's of Wheat
3 Kg's of Chickpeas
And Two Bars of Soap

Use of Funds

For Each 50 USD you donate, a Welfare Package will be Prepared. Your name Will be Written on the Box as if the Welfare Package is a Gift from you to a Displaced person in Beirut.

These Packages will be distributed to Organisations and Centres that are Lodging Displaced Victims of the Beirut Explosion.