COVID-19 Emergency Response

COVID-19 Emergency Response

Campaign by  iNternet For Education - i4E, Rangpur, Bangladesh
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About this campaign

Community level information dissemination on safety and prevention of COVID-19 is most important now. The information of health services, test and treatment are one of the prior needs now. Additionally raising awareness for “stay at home”, “hand wash for 20 Second”, “Social distance” and “use of mask” for all is the 1st prior needs at the given situation. Most of the poor people don’t have access to proper hygiene kits (masks and gloves), hand sanitizer or any disinfect materials. Even in the market there are scarcity of personal hygiene materials. The people are also overwhelmed and distressed by different myths and rumors regarding COVID-19 as well as the market situation, lockdown period, price hike etc. The clear message through trustworthy channels could be an effective solution for this type of situation. i4E will conduct one to one session to raise community awareness on COVID-19 and distribute food and hygiene kit to the poor community.

To reduce food scarcity of poor and extreme poor household and Rohingya community during the lockdown period and raising awareness in the community level on COVID-19, i4E has initiated “COVID-19 Emergency Response for vulnerable and Host Communities in Rangpur.

-Distribution of 50,000 leaflets in both Bangla and Burmese language along with easy to understand pictures demonstrating correct prevention and good hygiene practises.
• Distribution of 2600 pcs hygiene items to enable families to maintain better hygiene. These items will be 1300 pcs soap and 1300 pcs face masks.

• Distribution of 2000 food packages enabling the family to eat nutritiously for two weeks, while this lockdown in enforced. This will allow the family to maintain food security and reduce the burden on them to source food supplies. As per discussion with the community leader and considering the food habit of Rohingya and host community of Cox`s Bazar, the following food items are selected for each food package.

Use of Funds

Food pack BD Taka 3000 per family Equivalent 36 US$
Rice (20KG per family, Cooking Oil (2 litre per family, Lentils (1 Kg per family, Onion (2 Kg per family), Dry fish (500gm per family), Potato (5Kg per family), Chili powder (200gm packet per family), Turmeric powder (100 gm packet per family)

Hygiene Items (Hand wash Soap (2pcs per family), Face Mask