Help 34 students complete school

Help 34 students complete school

Campaign by Community Concerns Uganda - Jinja, Uganda
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About this Campaign

Community Concerns Uganda Initiative(CCUg) is sponsoring 34 Orphans and Vulnerable children(OVC) to be able to continue with school and become the future doctors, engineers, teachers and social works. These are children coming from very poor families , majority of them have lost either both parents or one, some children are HIV positive or have an HIV positive parent . These are academically bright children. We hope that once these children complete school, they will be able to help their families and their communities. Fourteen of these children are in secondary schools and 20 are in Primary schools.

Use of Funds

School fees goes for 34 children for 1 year $3500,
Scholastic Materials for 34 children for 1 year $1700
Household support for 20 households $ 800
Monitoring of school progress of 34 children $ 1000

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