Help us keep our doors open in the face of COVID-19 Pandemic

Help us keep our doors open in the face of COVID-19 Pandemic

Campaign by  LGBT Voice Tanzania, Dar es salaam, Tanzania
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Goal is $17,200
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About this campaign

LGBT Voice Tanzania as a nonprofit works hard to accomplish a world of good, The novel corona virus disease, COVID-19, is creating an evolving situation with varied impacts around the world and across Tanzania which makes the running of our organization become much harder than it looks. Aside from the regular issues that we face there are some additional challenges caused by COVID-19 Pandemic such as:

1. Limited Funding: Our organization depends on voluntary donations from individuals, but due to the COVID-19 Pandemic we are left completely without any donation

2. Stable Income and Accurate Budgeting: Having a steady income is becoming hard for our organization, and that makes our budgeting a real challenge pushing the organization to run on a shoestring so our focus has now fallen on securing enough to cover administrative costs before seeing what is left for projects.

3. Retaining the Right Talent: We are now facing it difficult to retain our 5 staff dedicated to the causes they serve, but with limited resources it won’t be easy to recruit other talents. It’s important to help our current staff focus on the reason they love their work.

4. Increase in Need for Services: There is an increase in the need for our services. Equality being the real issues and many LGBT people are facing both health and economical hardships. The environment needs saving, and most services are not available for free to the poor and vulnerable individuals especially homeless LGBT youth who need a shelter which puts the burden on our organization to respond quickly to unpredictable situations and deliver much needed services.

While our work to defend, protect and promote the human rights of LGBT people in Tanzania continues throughout these challenging times, we take seriously our obligation to limit transmission, not only to our colleagues and loved ones, but also to the numerous people with whom we engage in our advocacy work in Tanzania. Our flexible work policy means many of our team will be working remotely, and we have rescheduled our larger in-person gatherings and will proceed remotely with others. Rest assured, the work will continue. It is needed now as much as ever

Use of Funds

Any amount will help us move forward

1. Paying office rent for 3 months
2. Utilities and communication for 3 months
3. Providing emergency services to 9 homeless youth
4. Retaining 5 staff for 3 months