Enhancing livelihood of 53 women and youth families STIGMATISED of COVID-19.

Enhancing livelihood of 53 women and youth families STIGMATISED of COVID-19.

Campaign by Continental Neighbours Mission - Mbale, Uganda
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About this Campaign

Since late 2019 early 2020, an outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) –– has rapidly spread across the world, devastating lives and livelihoods. The number of people affected by COVID-19 continues to climb, with confirmed cases is at 55 and with no deaths in Uganda at more than 2,398,585 and 164,859 deaths worldwide as of April, the full impact of the virus on food security and agricultural food systems is that it will have, and is already having, significant negative effects on people along the food supply chain – from producers to processors, marketers, transporters and consumers. Continental Neighbours Mission (CONEM) is particularly concerned about the potential impacts of the virus and related containment efforts on food security and livelihoods in contexts of high vulnerability and where households and more especially former patients and those who were under Isolation are already experiencing food crises due to the crisis anticipated CONEM identifies ,Integrated piggery and perm culture farming with savings and credit techniques to reduce on chronic poverty and famine for the selected 53 group members, the method emphasizes on use of indigenous crops and breads that are resistant to our climate conditions, promoting culture of savings and entrepreneurship, growing of crops and breads that mature faster and on high market, watering of crops, use of echo system where piggery droppings are used as crop organic manures and
use of crops /garden waists for feeding pigs “make no waste “. This technique can be done on small plots of land and by the local communities with little education.
This project can provide sustainable income and food security for the stigmatized of COVID-19 households in Bungokho sub-county. The selected project beneficiaries are going to serve as demonstration home and use it as business in Bungokho as means of propagating this modern farming technique to many other groups like very poor , vulnerable and unemployed youth in this area.

Use of Funds

Budget for integrated piggery, perm culture farming, credit and savings practice 2020/2012021

Description_________ Unit _____________Total cost (USD)
Piggery farming ------
Piglets (landrace )----------- 20 -------------------------------1067
pigs feeds-------------------- 600kgs ------------------------------ 240
Erecting sty----------------- 2 ________________________4,000
Feeding containers_____ 15 __________________________100
Vaccines & drugs ______Lamp sum __________________________240

Perm culture basic garden tools and equipment
Cutlass____________________ 53 _____________________70.7
Hoe------------------------------ 53 _____________________ 141
Rakes_____________________ 53 ______________________98.9
Wheel barrows ___________ 53 _____________________ 2544
Watering cane ___________ 53 ______________________ 169.6
Spraying pump __________ 10 _______________________ 533

Indigenous seeds
Egg plant---------------- 2 ------------------------------------ 32
Tomatoes--------------- 2 ----------------------------------- 42.6
Akra --------------- 3 ----------------------------------- 40
water melon------------ 5 --------------------------------- 66.6
Cabbages --------------- 2 --------------------------------- 48
Cassava ------------------ 5 --------------------------------- 106.6
Ground nuts ------------ 2,650 --------------------------------- 4,240
Oxen ---------------------- 8 ---------------------------------- 2,750
Oxen Plough ----------------- 4 ----------------------------------- 213
Meals and refreshment x 10 days ------- 56pple ------ 747
Hiring of trainers X 10days 4pple ------------------------ 853
Training materials (Lamp sum) ------------------------------ 133
Saving and credit, ledgers maintenance (Lamp sum)---------- 373

Administrative costs ---------------------------------------------------- 930

TOTAL ----------------------------------------------------------------------- = 19,810 =