End Racism and Xenophobia

End Racism and Xenophobia

Campaign by World Action Fund - Kampala, Uganda
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About this Campaign

The magnitude of the call we are facing reminds us insistently that in addition to the heart, our efforts must be guided by intelligence even highlands also invite friends and families.

The recent upsurge of racism, xenophobia and intolerance seems to combine a revival of old animosities such as antisemitism and color-based racism, with a new culture-based. This mix has become manifest

Their appeal is enhanced as a result of economic difficulties leading to poverty and especially (youth) unemployment. Much of the violence has in fact been perpetrated by security forces and some cases, youths and employers. And enslavement and cruel treatments that goes unreported in many countries.

Help us to give a wake up call to governments, private sectors and the public to rise up against over Racism and Xenophobic "pandemic" Be with us, your love in donation will help raise your voices to be counted be activist of race, expose the rote out...If we don't fight this now...tomorrow may be you or me and or the next generation

Use of Funds

a) The project will be Identifying promoting best practices used to prevent racism and xenophobia against forced migrants encounter between people and social inclusion.

b) Highlight the voices and experiences of forced migrants and local citizens involved to raise awareness about all the positive impacts a culture of welcome and love. Awareness Raising: A method used by to promote interest among the general public about issues faced by forced migrants with the goal of changing perceptions and diffuse a positive message through various media channels