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Uganda's Teso region has suffered innumerable times through violence - including several rebellious threats and coups - and erratic climatic conditions such as droughts and floods, resulting in a high incidence of poverty, unemployment, food insecurity, malnutrition, lack of general know-how, HIV/AIDS, famine, widows, orphans and an increase in people with disabilities. Innovative Youth with Action Uganda (IYAU) is a nonprofit that is dedicated to empowering these communities so they defeat their vulnerability and abandon their reactive lifestyle, of living from crisis to crisis, in exchange for a proactive one of choices and planning.
Powerful and sustainable change in impoverished communities is only possible when the people targeted are themselves the primary actors of their own transformation. We work to empower them with the tools and knowledge they need that will allow them to overcome the many challenges they face and focus on creating innovative sustainable business initiatives. It is such well-founded initiatives that create jobs and, in turn, ensure a lasting more prosperous society. As the widely-repeated adage has taught us, IYAU will help provide the hook, or access to it, that then empowers and allows the people to fish for themselves.
The GlobalGiving foundation selected us to participate in its June 2017 accelerator, a fundraising opportunity for nonprofits around the world (https://www.globalgivin.org/accelerator).
If we raise $5,000 from 40 different donors for our Scaling Up Agricultural Production project by the end of this month, we will be featured permanently on the GlobalGiving website where we will have the potential to benefit from corporate relationships, exposure to a new donor network, and access to dozens of online fundraising tools.
If you believe in our work, please help us reach the $5,000 mark, and be one of the first people to make a donation at: https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/scaling-up-agricultural-production/ or Share your project on Facebook or Twitter using this URL: http://goto.gg/27679
Your donation will help respond to the challenges exacerbating the poverty of 500 poor women farmers in Eastern Uganda. It will empower them to scale up agricultural production and market access for improved food security and income generation, by organizing them into groups, providing them with improved seed and information on markets, training them on better farming practices, and post-harvest handling and introducing to them solar-powered water pumps for irrigation.
You can find out more about what we do from our website, www.iyau.org, and YouTube channel, Innovative Youth with Action Uganda, or follow us on Facebook, @IYAUganda, or Twitter @IYAUganda2014.
We are most grateful for your attention and hope you could share this message with your networks, friends and family! Thank you!
Feel free to contact us for more information.
Many thanks!
Joseph Apetu
Executive Director, Innovative Youth with Action Uganda
Tel: +256 784893749
Email: info@iyau.org
Skype: apetujoseph92
Twitter: @IYAUganda2014
Mirna Franic
International Coordinator, Innovative Youth with Action Uganda
Tel: +39 3921200344
Email: mirna_franic@yahoo.it
Skype: mirna_19
Twitter: @mirnafranic

3 hours 33 minutes ago

Sustainable Tourism - Volunteering in Asia

Hi, I have been in contact with an NGO in Cambodia called CCDO. I was wondering if you are familiar with this NGO? Before I make any decision to go for a 3-6 month volunteer experience I want to be 100% convinced about the organisation. I would have to pay an application fee ( to middle man), accommodation, meals etc. Many thanks in advance for your your advise.
13 days ago
Lies Vissers
Dear Aviv, Many thanks for your reply and info. Yes I am in contact direct with them ( also Skype call) and they explained me the fee of the middle man. I did not find the NGO through your platform though. Thanks for your help
10 days ago

Nature Conservation Volunteering

Hi, i am really interested in doing a volunteering related with nature conservation/envoironment, without or with reduced fees applications. If anybody have information it would be great to know. Thanks!!

Hola, estoy muy interesado en realizar un voluntariado de tipo conservación de la naturaleza o del medio ambiente, a ser posible sin tasas de pago o que sean reducidas. Se aprecia cualquier información. Gracias!!

on 06/11/2016
hi kindly come and volunteer in our community organization on matters do with environment and conservation at very reduced fees .
kindly fill the volunteer form at our giving way profile ....and can we Skype with you soon .kindly give us a date God bless .
14 days ago

Volunteering in Cuzco Perú.

We are Cooperar Perú. We are an NGO that develop activities in Tankarpata, a small rural city 45 minutes from Cuzco.
The main goals here is to attend the needs of kids from 3 to 15 years old in terms of education, moral values issues, arts, cultures, math and more.
Our volunteer team is in charged of preparing activities for the children during the whole week.
Creativeness is welcome if it will help kids, there is not pressure at work, easy going team and the best part is the honest smile from the kids.
See more and apply in:
27 days ago

The plastic bottle problem.

Now this discussion is not directly about volunteering, but is something that everyone should think about before traveling.
This is about my number 1 dislike in this world, rubbish. Practically everyone in the world contributes to rubbish, knowingly or by indirect ways. It‘s almost impossible to not create waste in our society these days, the majority of food comes wrapped and when not, there‘s always a carbon footprint attached to it.

While traveling through SEA for 4 months last year, we bought at least 2 bottles of water a day. That‘s 240 bottles, but more likely we drank over 400 in our travels. Now consider that there is no recycling there also, so they all were burnt on the side of the street, if not floating somewhere in the ocean. Disgusting.

It‘s easy to counter this though buy purchasing and using a water filter. We brought our Sawyer Squeeze (https://sawyer.com/products/sawyer-squeeze-filter-system-sp131/) with us to Nepal and spent 2 months traveling without buying a single bottle. Also Lifstraw (http://lifestraw.com) has great products for water filtration. The filters do cost a bit of money, for $25 USD for a Sawyer filter, but this is a small cost to pay to stop creating waste.

Please consider this when planning your trip to wherever you go, most places at least have access to running water that can be filtered.
on 03/08/2016
Jerusa Achieno
consider visiting our community program kenya ..
38 days ago


we need volunteers in our organization in kenya .......
38 days ago

Change my life and start volunteering

Hi everyone,

Well, I'm actually living a life I don't like anymore, and I decided I had to leave everything and start volunteering. I was very disappointed at first in my researches because I couldn't find any volunteer position without any exorbitant fees. I really understand that non-profit organization have no money at all, but when you offer your time and your skills, I think it's normal to have no fees. You work for free but you have a bed and meals. But I can uderstand if there are a few fees, but $2000 for a 2 weeks volunteer position, that's a no no!

So, in a few weeks I'm ready to go, so happy to help worldwide, I want to experience many things and help any kind of organization in need. But well, when you don't know anything about this world, I have to say this is so difficult to know where to find any informations. I'm very happy to have found this website, plus I can speak with other volunteers. So here is my question:

Do you guys have volunteered somewhere and had a great experience you would recommand me?

on 24/12/2016
Casa do Caminho
We couldn't agree more. Here at Casa do Caminho we believe that volunteer work and financial resources for the organization are two separate things and should not be mixed. It is enough that the volunteer is contributing his time and effort to help us, instead of working at an organization where they could receive a salary. That is why we don't charge any fees to our volunteers, we only require them to be able to pay their airplane tickets and Visa, and we provide housing and food for them.
What we really do ask from them is a long term commitment to the project, and dedication to their work (ie. they must come with a real willingness to help our organization, and not as an excuse to do some tourism in Brasil).
40 days ago

volunteer work in malawi for child care

New Life Anointed Ministries would like to request people from all over the world would like to do voluntary work with us.
$200 is enough for the whole month and our organization will be providing free food,transport and accommodation.
42 days ago
New Life Anointed Ministries
IF YOU ARE INTERESTED CONTACT US THROUGH christopherkapito1977@gmail.com
42 days ago


We are looking for volunteer as well supporter who can help donate or fundraise for the library. We are also looking for volunteer who can come to work with us in Siaya Kenya and support the library with furniture and books to support education and reading culture in Siaya. You can view the library video on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENXaO-4MAz0
Contact us on the below address and on our website link address.
Yours Sincerely

John Malamba

Founder and Director

Siaya Community Library

P.O.Box 453-40600


Tel: +254 722 154 693

Email: john.malamba3@gmail.com

Website: www.siayalibrary.org
49 days ago

we need avolunteer ( MUBALE UMOJA WOMEN'S TRUST)

Back ground of the organization.
According to simple research survey findings that were conducted in may –June 2005 by Rwenzori conservation and mountaineering association in collaboration with national community of women living with HIV/AIDS. the research analysis found out that people living in and around the protected areas of Rwenzori mountains national park and queen Elizabeth national park are inherently very poor because their lands have been grabbed leaving the people homeless, landless therefore their survival deeply depends on the fishing from lake Georg and Edward, charcoal burning from mountain forestry as a source of income and hunting wild animals in this two national parks living most of their lives in prisons claiming their death and women end up being widows, orphans, child headed families among other related problems. As a result they have been high level of illiteracy, malnutrition, ignorance and poverty leading to the life of women being difficult, complicated.
From the above simple research survey findings in may 2007 we decided to begin an group in the names of mubale umoja women trust.[MUWOT]. With the main objective of addressing the challenge affecting the women, since the women were the most at risk by building the capacity of communities living in and around these national parks.
Our goal
To encourage the understanding and respect of women’s rights, participate in community development and ensure sexual reproductive health.
Situation of the rural mountainous women in kasese along the Rwenzori Mountain slopes.
Kasese district is one of the districts in western Uganda neighboring Democratic republic of Congo and is mountainous. This area has been hit by strange diseases. HIV/AIDS prevalence rate is at 12% compared to the national prevalence which is at 6%. The maternal mortality rate at 438 per 100.000live births and infant mortality rate of about 78per 1000live births are un acceptable too high. Health services delivery is constrained by the mountainous terrain that renders most rural areas remote an accessible, hence remaining un attractive to the health workers who therefore shy away from working in the health facilities situated deep in the mountains and far this reason is coupled with poor roads network, lack of quarters and poor equipped maternity units that force delivering mothers resort to traditional birth attendants [TBA’S] and therefore promoting the sorrowful, isolated and misery state of obstetric fistula and civic cancer among the women.

51 days ago

geting volunteers

how can our community project in Kenya get volunteers we shall be very happy to host them in our project......anybody willing to come ...
53 days ago

Volunteering in Malawi the Warm Heart of Africa

Are you a student who would like to do your service learning abroad? Do you like working with young people? If your answer is yes
I would like to invite you to come to Malawi at Community Initiative for Social Empowerment (CISE) where you will be able to learn while teaching our children,youths and women -English language and entrepreneurship or life skills. You will contribute 200 USD for a week and for a month is 740 USD ( contribution to cover accommodation and meals) volunteer will also have opportunity to visit different places such as Lake Malawi and Mulanje mountain if that will be a volunteer wishes.
You can also work with us at your convenient time while at your home to help us with fundraising,up dating social network and help us to collect different gifts for our Keeping girls in schools project like pensils,pens,books, used laptop,digital camera,drawing papers etc

You will stay with a host family where you will be able to enjoy the truly Malawian culture and life style, you will learn Chewa language and enjoy visiting local market.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us using the details below

Andrew Mwanza
Executive Director
Old District Assembly Building
P. O. Box 10, Mchinji Malawi Central Africa
Phone: +265111909333 (Voice and whatsapp)
Facebook: cisemalawi
Twitter: cisemalawi
on 30/03/2017
abhimanyu chatterjee
Hi. This is Abhimanyu Chatterjee from India. i have decided to volunteer in Malawi
on 24/04/2017

community based organization inviting you to support on health care, education ,poverty eradication and environmental care in Nairobi kenya

We as the community of patanisho roho israel community based organization, we focus on four major r issues in the grass root.
1.Education: we support children who are most vulnerable in way we get from volunteers, well wishers and supporters.School, uniform, school fees sponsorship, stationary, shelter.
2. Health care we usually have volunteers who go to house to house to sick people,and offer simple medications but complicated cases we referral them to National hospitals.
3. poverty eradication: we normally support most vulnerable youth, single mother, father, disabilities empowerment.
4. Environmental care,: this an issue where where we live people are congested and the surrounding became dirt faster because of the volume of occupation . we normally do dairy cleanness planting trees, sanitation and the is hygiene on water conservation and putting clean detergents to purify them.we request you to see which area , you are good kindly and support us .God bless you and expand your territories.
on 11/04/2017


hola me llamo tomi,soy español,pero hace mucho que vivo en viajando,soy artesano y me gustaria poder viajar siendo voluntario,mi problema es que no tengo estudios.me gustaria saber si puedo ser voluntario sin experiencia,o haciendo talleres de artesania,y saber de organicaciones que no te pidan nada para ser voluntario,gracias y espero tu respuesta.
hello my name is Tomi, I'm Spanish, but much to live traveling ago, I am craftsman and I would like to travel as a volunteer, my problem is that I have estudios.me like to know if I can volunteer without experience, or doing craft workshops, Organisations and know that you do not ask anything to volunteer, thank you and hope your answer.
on 05/11/2016
Thank you very much for the interest to volunteer and share your skills .
we the RAY Youth Development Project is accepting both local and international volunteers all year round .
We have different community projects that fits all the volunteers ie
-Health and hiv/aids education
-Community capacity building programs
-Community economic empowerment .
-Sports development
-Community theater
-Resource mobilization & fundraising
-Media development
-Excursions and cultural activities -
WE NEED BOTH SKILLED AND UNSKILLED VOLUNTEERS TO VISIT OUR ORGANIZATION and we provide accommodation and field support from time to time .
N/B Should you have the interest to know more about our community development programs in Kenya and volunteers placement kindly contact Mr Bernard Ogolla -
email rayconsortium2016@gmail.com mobile contacts +2540721751162
on 10/04/2017

Volunteering for the first time

In reference to Natalie's latest blog post: http://blog.givingway.com/volunteering-for-the-first-time-4-things-to-consider/ What surprised you most when you first started to volunteer? What things do you wish you knew before you went out into the field? What humbled you the most, and at what moments did you have to learn to really adapt?
on 15/08/2016
Ogwal Pius
My name is Pius Ogwal. I am a Ugandan by nationality and I live in Uganda.I work with ENVenture but placed at a community Based Organisation called Children of the world Foundation as a volunteer Business development Fellow-located at the center of the then LRA war ravaged Northern Uganda-Kitgum District, just few kms from the border of South Sudan.COW Foundation is a child and youth focused organization established in 2006. The Foundation’s vision is a world where children grow and develop their full potential. Its mission is to create and promote a conducive environment in which children and youth are protected, cared for, and supported holistically. Since its inception with support from varied partners, COW Foundation has been involved in the provision of key health interventions reaching over 80,000 beneficiaries in Kitgum and Lamwo Districts. Such interventions include Education-Sponsorship, Hygiene promotion (WASH), Agribusiness, VSLA, HTC; demand creation and community mobilization for VMMC uptake, promotion and distribution of both male and female condoms, promotion of malaria prevention strategies, referral and linkage of clients to relevant services such as post violence care, HIV treatment and care in addition to orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) social support. The organization has also implemented GBV prevention and Adolescent Sexual reproductive Health (ASRH) interventions in the two districts and now I run the design,execution and development of the sustainable energy enterprise at COW Foundation.I would like Volunteer with European union in South America but under a child focused program.
on 08/04/2017

Welcome to our community discussion board!

Hello everyone!
A short welcome message from GivingWay's Community Manager.

I wanted to invite all of you to post any questions you may have that are volunteer related! This can be a great opportunity to connect with other volunteers, give your thoughts, tips and advice, and of course to have your volunteer questions answered!

on 11/05/2016
Angella Banda
Does giving way have a Facebook page
on 30/03/2017

How to connect with other volunteers

My name is Hellen Staula Oromo. I am a Kenyan and I live in Kenya. I work with a Community Based Organization that aims at empowering women and girls. Activities include fundraising for water as the community is rural and lack of clean safe water is the greatest challenge for families here especially women. I am interested in volunteering with communities that face the same challenges. where exactly would I find such?
on 24/03/2017
on 29/03/2017

Peruvian Chiildren projects do not seem to be reliable

Givingway was the first one to warn me that Peruvian Chiildren projects do not seem to be reliable, and I thank the organization for that. I was also told (by three former volunteers) that the person in charge of Peruvian Chiildren volunteer program had harassed volunteer girls, so I try to contact a lady from the program but it seems that only one man deals with volunteers. Then he apparently got scared by my extra questions and canceled my contract, even though I had already bought international tickets to go to Peru (and I told him that). To avoid more financial and (even worse) physical problems for volunteers, Givingway has excluded Peruvian Children from this site!
on 29/07/2016
its very sad to learn that children are been mistreated by some organization like above .
anyway we kindly and warmly welcome you to visit our programs in Kenya and you will really enjoy a lot working with the community in all aspect of life .
we need people who can ask us more questions till you get satisfied .
consider our community program in future .
God bless.
on 29/03/2017

Volunteering and family

Hello, I'm very eager to volunteer as an English teacher. I'm a Mom of 2 precshoolers. Are there any possibilities for me to find a volunteering position in a school, for example, and stay there along with my kids?
on 24/07/2016
Yes kindly welcome to hossanah fp education centre in Kenya and get the opportunity to teach in our community school .
we shall be glad to see you coming in our project again you will have the chance to interact with our community women groups involved in table banking God bless.


pastor Joseph mutio and team
on 29/03/2017


at only 20 years old living in America all my life I never had the opportunity to travel outside of the U.S. I've seen so many friends and family get to have a luxury vacation outside of the U.S. in third world country's, staying at resorts that includes everything and activities to do all day long. But little did they know outside of that resort was a starving country crying for help. I came across they Batey Rehab Project from other students at my school, Savannah College of Art and Design, through an internship, that would use the skills we've learned at school and apply them to they Batey Rehab Project. The Batey Rehab Project endources, shelter and trade in Barahona! I was infatuated with this, being able to help others with the skills I've learned through school. I always known that once I graduated school my goal was to make life better for everyone and to help others through design, but being able to study in college and get a head start in this industry I couldn't resist! so I applied and was lucky enough to the internship, and the support from my family to allow me to go. I fundraised my money and did some researched and off I went to Barahona for 9 days with an amazing creative team of 35 students from my school. together we created a soup kitchen in one of the local villages that serves over 200 children a day. others got to work on jewelry that would be sold and profited to the people of the Bayetes using their local stone known as Larimar! together in 9 days we were able to complete the soup kitchen and create beautiful videos for others to see and amazing jewelry that involved the heritage of the Dominican. This was no 5 star hotel or luxury vacation, this was blood, sweat, and tears of hard work and passion. I'm so thankful that I had this opportunity, now when I hear people talk about the Dominican I role my eyes because I was able to seethe country from its roots, I was able to experience the country at a level that people are so blind to. I've realized, that people look at the world and other places as a luxury and a vacation, but this word isn't always about that, of course I believe in treating yourself every once in awhile, but you can be blind sided by what really goes on in these countries that we see as a luxury. these counties need our help. the people of this world need our help. why not put yourself in an uncomfortable situation and see what you are capable of doing, and by this I mean what you are capable of doing for others. the joy and pride I felt inside after the mission trip was over was mainly tears of joy. I couldn't believe how beautiful the people of the Dominican were and how grateful they were for our work. I truly can say that BRP has completely changed my out look in life and has opened up my eyes. it's opened up my eyes, to show me what I am capable of doing for others and how I can truly change someone's life. how you as a person are capable of doing something greater and better than you could ever be. I'll never forgot this experience, as I'm so obsessed I am working my way on going back with BRP, to help along with other up coming projects!
the BRP has a great website that you can find information on our venture trips and help support the volenteers.
you can also check out they Batey jewelry shop for every thing bought goes back to the Bayetes!
find at more at www.bateyshop.com
on 06/09/2016
Agriculture and education are tools for development in my community. volunteer with us for passion and have a lasting memory in your life. one village uganda is a community organization empowering both women and youth for a sustainable income. volunteering with us through teaching in school, agriculture activities, agri-business activities, development activities and learn from us as we lean from you.
You will have a chance to travel most beautiful places around at a free cost during your time with us, a certificate of recognition for your volunteer work with us is given.
on 29/03/2017