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Want to be a Volunteer

What to do for this? I am unable to pay but anxious to do social work but not getting any opportunity. Can you elaborate me, what to do for this? I am from India.
1 hour 51 minutes ago

Hunger is the worst type of poverty

Dear Brittney,
Teaching people to catch the fish, not feeding them with the fish is our moto for one decade volunteering and working for people in need in Macedonia. Time and environment is rapidly changed down, in last 5 - 6 years, and lot of people, more than 70.000 (...from 1,5 million habitats in Macedonia) became shadows in their society and homes. They DIGNITY slowly but for sure is "melted from the brutal ice" coming from less than 1% of reach population. We as a Food Bank Macedonia, we struggle for small support which we need to cover almost daily expenses for small office & warehouse + support for distribution of donated food. The association’s credo, as equal to the principles of all Food Banks worldwide is: “Meaningful long-term alleviation to hunger is rooted in the alleviation of poverty, as poverty leads to hunger - the most obscure type of poverty.” We need some volunteers with fundraising experience for this type of organizations who need two type of support: first - for daily expenses of the Food Bank Macedonia and second one - most important for providing financial support to the poor families and individuals to start up with small farming production of the agriculture products for their on sustainability. Thanks in advance for Your understanding and support! We believe there is some experienced people - volunteers who will help and be part of this action.
8 days ago

Fundraising volunteers

Dear Community, I am happy to be here. I like to meet people as I believe in the power of networking. I wish to know if here are people who are skilled in fundraising so that we can be in touch and work together to raise funds for our project! I am happy to be where I can meet people from allover the world. It is really amazing and joyful.
9 days ago

My experience

Hi Brittney I am Laura From Venezuela , one year ago i was a volunteer in Israel for six months and i have to say that it was so much more than i expected, i met so many great people , i always wanted to go to Israel but i never thought it was going to be in that way , definitly i grew up so much i was only eighteen when i traveled but it was the best decision that i made
I was a volunteer in Yad Hashmona , and it was also from God that place because i think is the best place to volunteer in Israel, the people and the location is great , also i close to Jerusalem
I still have those memories in my heart all the time because it was amazing , and i definitly recomaind KPC program it was really good .
I still wish to came back to Israel and maybe volunteer in other country
11 days ago
Brittney Bauer
Thanks for sharing! Don't you love when an experience exceeds your expectations!? Sounds like an awesome time you had!
11 days ago

Volunteer Tips

Hey! Welcome to our discussion board :)

It is always nice to have a personal and open board where past, current and future volunteers can connect and share their tips and advice for volunteering abroad.

For me, after I volunteered abroad in the past, I did wish I had documented my experience more...through video, photography and by writing. My advice: think about how you can turn your volunteering experience into something more after you leave.

I am curious to hear what other volunteers have to say :)
24 days ago
Hi Brittney, As a returning volunteer I am aware of the fact that the work and support does not stop when I leave the place where I volunteer. I have made 4 trips to a wonderful organization in Pursat, Cambodia called Tuk Tuk 4 Children and when I return home I maintain regular contact and have involved myself in a number of projects including getting locals to make toys for the charity. As well, the growing network of volunteer friends I have made across the world adds to a great experience that includes taking the opportunity to host some in my own home. Visual records are great memories for sure so I support your notion of recording the adventures you have.
18 days ago