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Volunteer in Sports related activities

Volunteer in Sports related activities

Volunteer Abroad with Local Non-Profits

Kep Gardens Association

Teach English with a group of volunteers at a school in Cambodia!

Kampong Tralach Village, Cambodia. July 8 - July 21, 2018
Teach English to Cambodian children and youth in the magnificent settings of Kep National Park! This involves reading or conversing with Cambodian students aged from 5 years of age up to their early 20's.

Sports - Featured Volunteering Non-Profits

One Heart Christian Foundation

We are a Non Profit Organization operating on Christian values to help educate, counsel, teach and mentor youth and women in the rural area in South Africa that we serve. We support rural schools through volunteer assistance while providing counselling to youth and women and running youth programs over weekends to promote positive interaction.

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The Light and Leadership Initiative

We are a close-knit family of volunteers working with the community of Huaycan, Peru to provide empowering educational classes and workshops to women and children.

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Mawulolo Youth Network

Our org is run by a group of passionate and determined people from varied walks of life. Each board member is committed to reaching out to their community and helping the less fortunate by tapping into any creative force within them, mentoring and providing the necessary and basic tools for success.

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