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Volunteer in Teaching related activities

Volunteer in Teaching related activities

Teaching while volunteering abroad is one of the most popular types of volunteering, and it’s also one of the most rewarding. As a teacher, you will often be helping to educate children in local communities on a subjects like English, Math, Geography, Science, and Computer Science. There are also lots of volunteer opportunities to teach adults, who are often eager to also improve their English, computer skills, and gain additional professional skills.

GivingWay offers a wide selection range of teaching volunteering abroad opportunities, including teaching Math, English, Eco Tourism, Communication Skills, Business Training for Women, Health and Hygiene, Life Skills, and more.

Volunteer Abroad with Local Non-Profits

Kep Gardens Association

Teach English with a group of volunteers at a school in Cambodia!

Kampong Tralach Village, Cambodia. July 8 - July 21, 2018
Teach English to Cambodian children and youth in the magnificent settings of Kep National Park! This involves reading or conversing with Cambodian students aged from 5 years of age up to their early 20's.

Teaching - Featured Volunteering Non-Profits

One Heart Christian Foundation

We are a Non Profit Organization operating on Christian values to help educate, counsel, teach and mentor youth and women in the rural area in South Africa that we serve. We support rural schools through volunteer assistance while providing counselling to youth and women and running youth programs over weekends to promote positive interaction.

3 Reviews

The Light and Leadership Initiative

We are a close-knit family of volunteers working with the community of Huaycan, Peru to provide empowering educational classes and workshops to women and children.

1 Review

Biodiversity Research Institute

The Biodiversity Research Institute is a nonprofit NGO that develops biodiversity research and environmental education programs for the purpose of ecological conservation.

30 Reviews

How to Volunteer in Teaching related activities

Why Volunteer in the Teaching field?

Volunteering abroad as a teacher can be a life-changing experience, for both the volunteer and the students. Providing important education and life skills offers local communities a real chance at improving their quality of life, so the impact you have can be enormous. It's also an opportunity to really understand and embrace cultures that may be very different to your own, and get to know the daily struggles that people face around the world. 

How to choose the right volunteer organization?

Firstly, search for a nonprofit organization that has similar values to you. This way, you’ll be motivated to give your best while volunteering abroad.
Also, ensure that the time are you committing to is a good fit with your lifestyle. It’s important to realize that teaching abroad is a commitment (especially when teaching children).

Most organizations don’t require previous teaching experience to be able to volunteer abroad, some do request certain knowledge and qualifications. If this is the case, be sure you meet these qualifications in order to set realistic expectations.

The main requirement for most volunteers to have a good understanding of written and spoken English.

What is it like to volunteer in the Teaching field?

Volunteer teachers play an important role in supporting underprivileged children and young adults. Part of the responsibilities often include helping local teachers with their day-to-day tasks, teaching the children and also playing with them. As a volunteer teacher, you may well find yourself teaching children in an unfamiliar environment, requiring you to be creative and improvise. You might also find yourself helping with other things like games and sports.  

Essential information about volunteering in the Teaching field

If you decide to volunteer abroad as a teacher, it’s important to make sure that you have fulfilled all the visa requirements for the country you are travelling to.

Check vaccine requirements, the climate, and any other safety precautions needed. The more prepared you are, the better your volunteering experience abroad will be!