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Vanessa Noria Godinez


Vanessa Noria Godinez
Joined on 24/10/2016 Born 08/01/1991
Im psychology. Clinical psychologist, application and interpretation of psychometric tests, preparation of labor cases, psychological therapies, educational psychology, talks and group management.
social service in the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) Cuernavaca Mor, area Delegacional Coordination of Quality, working on a project implementation and improvement of procedures in administrative areas where talks were held to physicians, administrators and nurses to improve in the quality of service and implementation of improving the work environment.
professional practices, were conducted in a SINAPSIS association, Cuernavaca Mor. Where it was carried out a project of art therapy in which body therapies, music therapy, painting and group therapy in order to create an improvement in patients with various diseases of mental illness were made.
internships, Youth Integration Center, ICJ Cuernavaca Mor. information and self-learners to rural school children about self-care and addictions talks.

Africa, South Asia, Cambodia, Jamaica, Lithuania
Agriculture Work
I practice yoga and i love teach