Alison Brown

Sri Lanka

Alison Brown
Joined on 10/11/2017.

India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Thailand
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Amazing experience, happy memories

"I recently spent two weeks working with Ecoreach helping a dalit community close to Kathmandu rebuild one of the family homes after the entire family lost there house in the 2015 earthquake. Not only was the experience extremely rewarding, but it was great fun and I learnt so much about Nepal and it's culture and communities. Best of all were the people I met who all warmly took me into their lives and made me feel welcome. I was really sad to leave but am sure I will be back one day and have some new Facebook friends! The village was in a beautiful setting, the food amazing and I left feeling I had made a positive difference. I would really recommend working with this organisation. They are extremely knowledgeable, work on many important and varied projects around Kathmandu (some others of which I also was able to see ), have excellent spoken English (which really helped when working in the village) and were extremely supportive at all times. The whole experience ended with a ceremony in the village and I was presented with, and dressed in, traditional Nepalese wear and treated to a wonderful last meal. Many lasting and happy memories made."

on 29/01/2018