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Daniela Suárez


Daniela Suárez
Joined on 26/10/2016 Born 06/01/1993
Philanthropist. Being daughter of military has given me the chance to know different cities of Colombia and their people, their customs and their way of living. That experience helped me to understand the diversity and environment of colombian people. In addition, it kept me close to the scenes of violence, where in many opportunities I saw how the rights of others were violated by lack of knowledge and lack of social initiatives. However, I feel like this made me a stronger person and gave me the greater passion for what I am trying to achieve: promotion of human rights by projects and inclusive social policies.

These personal experience encouraged me to work in the field of human rights by taking part in voluntary work. I volunteered for about 6 years in different NGOs, such as: Rotary International, where I was responsible for getting resources to buy food for poor families and to build houses for them; National Parks of Colombia, where I was a park ranger at Gorgona island, and Colombia Crece, where I used to teach reading and writing to vulnerable population groups. Also, I am currently enrolled in a scholarship that I won from the District Institute of Bogota to develop my own project: a book club in a jail of the National Army of Colombia. All this is the result of my interest to eradicate inequality and poverty, and to work hard to give everyone the same opportunities of personal development in spite of a violent context, because I believe in social progress and working for the common good.

Africa, Central America, Middle East
Disaster Relief
- Leadership skills. - Passioned about helping others. - Excellent interpersonal skills and demonstrated ability to develop positive relationships with local and remote team members. - Ability to work with multicultural and multidisciplinary teams. - In-depth understanding of the political context and cultural sensitivities. - Experience in teaching, creating social projects and working for the common good.
Teacher of English and Spanish, Nuevo Horizonte School – Colombia Crece, Bogota, January - December 2014
- 6º grade teacher of foreign language (english), 4º grade teacher of grammatical spanish and reading, and 4º grade teacher of Human Values.

Park Ranger, National Parks of Colombia, June 2014 – July 2014
- Support for monitoring sea turtle feeding and breeding area.
- Support for monitoring migratory birds.
- Support in ecological talks.
- Support in communications with the parks around.
- Maintenance and cleaning of laboratory of marine species.

Interact Member, Rotary International, January 2010 – December 2012
- Responsible for getting resources to buy food for poor families and to build houses for them.
- Research and creation of social projects with partnerships.
- Responsible for social media communications.
- Creation of reading and writing projects for kids.
- Organization of Health Days in poor neighborhoods.