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Michelle Alexandra


Michelle Alexandra
Joined on 25/04/2017 Born 06/01/1984
An anthropologist and artist lover of the life and take care of the nature. I like to know new cultures. I like to learn new languages. I love the expressive work through the body: Dance and theatre. I really appreciate the nature through agricultural and conservation work. I am interested in working, playing and take care of children (through yoga). I interested too in researching and working about women empowerment and poverty.

Africa, South East Asia, Central America, South America, Europe, Argentina, Brazil, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Uruguay
Conservation Work
Women Empowerment
Social Work
I have experience in anthropological research, social sciences, research methodology, anthropology of space, etnography, intercultural studies, amazonian indigenous peoples. Feeding, poverty, human and women rights. I have skills to write and critical analysis. I have Intermediate level of english and french. I have artistic experience in expressive work through the body: Dance and theatre, as well literary writing. Now, i am getting a yoga teacher training. I have skills in visual arts: amateur video and photograph (filming and editing).
I worked in low-income schools in Caracas teaching yoga to children and teachers, as well i cooperated in workshops for children to helping them to recognize their values, skills, strengths, and teaching them to empathize and understand each other through the play.
I did sanitation work in the Gran Sabana National Park at Bolivar State and on the beaches of the central venezuelan coast.