haji hassan


haji hassan

Joined on 19/04/2018. Born 26/01/1994
I like to think that i am a good guy, volunteering to me is a chance to prove that one person can make a difference and even the smallest of difference matter.

Want to visit

Africa, South Asia, North America, Europe

Interested in

Social Work
Web Work

Additional Skills

i have a diploma in telecommunication and electronics engeneering i am good a good singer and writer composer as well. i am very good with people and communication skills. i am amazingly good with learning fast anything.

Past Volunteering Experience

i have volunteered with an organization in Tanzania for three months and i think i enjoyed it so i will be back there for another two months

My Reviews

My first time with Fohuso

"My time with you guys was a beautiful moment i learned a lot and had fun. I wish to come back to FOHUSO. The conservation work we did together was an experience i take with me everywhere i go."

on 19/04/2018