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Zindy Duran

United States

Zindy Duran
Joined on 22/07/2017 Born 02/01/1996
goal-oriented. Biology studies major with excellent writing and communication ability. Brings additional valuable knowledge from college coursework. Enthusiastic student who is completing coursework in biology whilst using a variety of programs. Seeks to apply technical aptitude and passionate enhance the well-being of citizens throughout the city.

South Asia, Central America, Costa Rica, Egypt, Mexico, Philippines, Spain
Strong research skills. Organized and detailed. Adaptable learner. Personable and approachable. Creative problem solving. Planning/coordinating. Excellent time management. Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, and Word. Critical thinker. Great with Kids.
I have Volunteered in a Hospital in a city near me. Some of my duties were to help the nurses with the patients such as bringing them food, helping them to the restroom, doing their beds, as well a helping with discharge.