Jillian Murphy

United States

Jillian Murphy

Joined on 30/07/2016. Born 07/01/1992
A young community health professional with a humanitarian heart aiming to volunteer services to underprivileged/ marginalized populations around the world. I have been working in the Infectious Disease field as an HIV/AIDS Health Educator/Case Worker for the past few years since graduating college in 2014. I have direct experience working with newly diagnosed/ non-adherent HIV/AIDS patients. I've helped patients overcome diagnosis though individual counseling, conducted motivational interviewing/ risk reduction sessions as well as group level intervention sessions to help patients better manage their overall health care to keep patients and partners healthy. I work alongside medical staff including medical providers, nurses, social workers, psychiatrists, nutritionists and peers to coordinate care for each individual patient. I absolutely love working to empower people and want offer services and utilize my skills to serve underprivileged/marginalized communities and gain more international health experience.

Want to visit

Central Asia, South Asia, South East Asia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam

Interested in

Conservation Work
Disaster Relief

Additional Skills

Health Education/ Prevention Individual counseling Motivational Interviewing Group Facilitation

Past Volunteering Experience

Abroader View Volunteer- Nepal 2014