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Yvonne Doyle

United Kingdom

Yvonne Doyle
Joined on 05/07/2017
Dedicated follower of the cause with a humanitarian heart for people.. Happy go lucky but serious disposition in the plight of poverty and suffering of children and communites
Bringing hard working efforts and discipline to enhance self sustainability and own empowerment of survival skills.
Caring and Spiritual person with humour and linking unity with teamwork for volunteer exchange initiatives.

Scottish Volunteer /Cultural Exchange Representative for the cause from 2013 until present..uniting and honing students developmental skills to integrate skills for the causes many brilliant innovative and exciting projects and bring successful outcomes for all. Teaching primary education, musical creative talents and talks on health and Spiritual/religious study is part of my developmental curriculum with the children and women of the cause. Sport , football, running, ball and cognitive coordination and fitness classes are great enthusiastic projects too as well as teaching self survival and self sustainability for self empowerment, which is essential to live anywhere. Caring and doing counselling skills also helps people move forward positively to meet their goals independently. Great compassionate outlook and organizational skills with focus and drive for success for everyone. People and their experiences are what makes everyone an exciting individualistic person with hope for lifting spirits and empowering them to be the best in life.
Scottish Volunteer Student/Cultural Exchange Representative for Hope And Service To Mankind Foundation (Hope For Rural Dwellers)..responsible for students visitations in all areas of development and integrating/utilizing skills , teamwork and internships for the cause to move forwards with uniting globalized cultures to bring understanding, support and friendship for all concerned.

Primary teaching of Music/Arts and drama, Spiritual Cbristian/ religious readings and cultural educational demonstrations.
Health, wellbeing and medication advice with hygiene and pregnancy prevention discussions for women, children and families.

Sport initiatives and health/ fitness levels.

Grant and fundraising proposal schemes and active participation in raising monies for profits by scheduling and running events..great fun may I add!!.

Disciplined and hard working disposition and caring with counselling skills.
Relieve poverty and suffering so noon has to go hungry or live without basic amenities. .great Spirit and kind heart for all.

Success is the aim..hard work and efforts is the game.
Yvonne Doyle