Sandra Sánchez


Sandra Sánchez

Joined on 05/12/2016. Born 26/01/1993
Smiley, energetic and optimistic person... that's me!. I studied Psychology because what I really most enjoy in my life is being with and helping people. I've been volunteer in some organizations and I think now's high time to mix two of the things I most like: helping people and going abroad!

Want to visit

Africa, North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Oceania

Interested in

Animal Care
Disaster Relief

Additional Skills

To me is very ease to talk to people. I love it and I think most of them fint it easy to spent some time with me. Laughing and having good time is also some things that are vey important and that I do love doing with people.

Past Volunteering Experience

I've previously volunteered in some organizations. One of them was helping at risk of social exclusion reintegrate into society. The other one, consisted on spending time with people with disabilities in leisure activities.
I go sometimes to social canteens too.