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winndy Balza
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Be the change that you want see in the world.. Hi! I'm from Venezuela, actually i am live in Argentina, i am psychologist and i think that the way more pure of the humanity is our capacity of help us mutual and make the change that we want to see in the world.
For now and unfortunately i don't have the capacity to travel like volunteer, but i'll try to help from my home (online) and when i can afford all my trip, i be will charming to going to africa and aporting all i know and help this beautiful comunity.
So please if there is anything I can be use for you online, let me know.

Web Work
Social Work
I worked with the TECHO organization in venezuela, we collected donations for low-income families in the city. (in 2016 one week)

Also, I was in CENDA INCE (in 2015 for six months), a school for young people with Down Syndrome and Cognitive Impairment.

In the first, I did not have the opportunity to get involved with the people for whom the organization operates, but i was able work with a excellent group and learn the different ways to help.

And the second case, Cenda Ince was a place so brilliant for me, because i was able share with the teenengers and teach they new ways to front the world and they taught me to see the world with the amaizing eyes in a simpler and more noble.