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Carlos Andres Giraldo


Carlos Andres Giraldo
Joined on 09/04/2017 Born 03/01/1999
I am passionate about the development of societies through the progress of entrepreneurial and leadership capacities in young people. I seek a working environment where I will deploy my expertise in pedagogy, project management, reporting and presentation in challenging projects while working in a culturally diverse team.I am a versatile and adaptable professional person, looking forward to enhancing my multi-talented skills in the fields of education and managerial services alongside with various businesses and / or establishments, educational sector or communication firm. I have a great deal of experience in private / public sector and an excellent project developmental and impacting skills, with the ability to work well either individually or as a team, I also have a strong momentum and a great perspective to see things through to the end .Through these experiences I have learned to strengthen my workteam ability and to encourage others to build their own paths by helping society.

Africa, Central Asia, North America, Europe, Middle East, Oceania, Australia, Canada, China, Israel, United Kingdom, United States
Animal Care
Social Work
• Creative, energetic, experienced community builder, extremely competent and communicative and multitalented. • I consider myself to be very proactive in which consist to take actions at the right moment, merging the intuitive and reasoned process to achieve the best results. • I love to listen and support people when they need help.
YMCA volunteer (two years)