Aitana Cierra Olmos


Aitana Cierra Olmos

Joined on 13/01/2017. Born 19/01/1998
I am 19 and I am willing to have a positive impact on this world.. I am currently studying to become an English Language teacher. I believe in the power to change the world education has, and I would like to work every day to create an environment full of opportunities for my students to learn and to develop. I am very patient and a good listener. I like nature, animals and playing with children.

Want to visit

Africa, South East Asia, South America, Colombia, India, Nepal, Thailand

Interested in

Agriculture Work
Animal Care
Disaster Relief

Additional Skills

I can speak four languages (Spanish, English, Italian and Portuguese) and I can teach the first three I mentioned. I am very responsible and committed. I like to work hard in order to accomplish the objectives I've had set.

Past Volunteering Experience

I am a volunteer of "Fundación Sí", an Argentinian non-profit organization.