Blessed Child Care Foundation

Uganda. Born 25/12/1987

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Blessed Child Care Foundation - Volunteering Profile

We support Education for boys and girls who are unable to continue with their education beyond primary school in the community.

We provide tuition fees ,scholarship ,scholastic materials, leaning opportunities ,internships, community involvement ,child protection through voluntary activities ,access to medical services and career guidance.



we have a vocational training center that offers these services: 1. children can be able to participate in making their own sweaters to improve and sustaining them economically 2. we do capacity building to work with families in our community. 3. We promote health rights among children. 4. We promote go back to school in primary schools and etc

Volunteering Journal

Change maker in the community

on 11/08/2016
i am compassionate to be the change maker in the community because i empower children and teach them how hand work activities for them to sustain them selves .