Florian Vazeille


Florian Vazeille
Joined on 07/03/2019 Born 14/08/1999
I love being outdoors and discover new things. I quite perfectionist and always push, myself and other to succeed.. Hello everyone,
I'm a french boy and I'm currently enrolled in a preparatory level at an engineering school in Lyon, France.
I love sport, beiing outdoor and I practise cycling for already 9 years. I'm very curious about technology and I like to discover / build new and original stuff.
My english is not perfect but I hope to improve it thanks to workaway experiences.
I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty and would be happy to help you whatever help needed!

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Web Work
I can help with trail building, simple construction work, or gardening. Otherwise I learn fast and I've always be there to help my father around the house that's why I would be always up to help and get new skills from you Dog walking would not be a problem at all ! Quite friendly with technology, filmmaking, 3d printing/ modelling etc. I can also help with everythings around bicycles ;)
I worked one month in a irish hostel with everyday tasks (cleaning, beds, ...)