Raquel Berrocal Sibaja

Costa Rica

Raquel Berrocal Sibaja

Joined on 22/10/2016. Born 09/01/1989
I am a proactive, very committed to children's development. I want to collaborate with the communities mas vulnerable, to understanding his own environment and to realizing actions to improve the condition in which they are.

Want to visit

Africa, South East Asia, Central America, South America, The Caribbean

Interested in

Animal Care
Conservation Work

Additional Skills

Responsibility, teamwork, honesty, respect for the environment. Also I have the ability to understand and meet the people and the methodology for social intervention

Past Volunteering Experience

I have worked with activities organized by my school, drinking rest on established by protocol labors. In addition I have organized events for children in vulnerable condition, and with project leaders in zones in condition of poverty.