Hermione Sanderson


Hermione Sanderson
Joined on 05/02/2018.

What an experience

"I volunteered with Fundación Yepez for 3 months last year, and had an amazing life experience. I came with no knowledge of sea turtles, Mexico or the Spanish language and left with valuable skills. Seeing sea turtles nesting in their own environment is amazing, and having the opportunity to release adorable baby hatchlings into the sea is an experience I'll never get again! The foundation is a home away from home - I met some amazing people and lived a life completely different from my own in the UK. The work was good fun (though hot at times!) and valuable, alongside the turtle conservation we did other tasks such as giving presentations to local schools on the importance of taking care of the environment which really made a difference. On days off we travelled around the state to different cities which was amazing, ate lots of delicious food that I miss a lot and had days where we would just lay on the private beach and swim in the sea - bliss. I had a really good time and wouldn't change my experience for the world."

on 05/02/2018