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Florenza La Spina


Florenza La Spina
Joined on 22/01/2017 Born 07/01/1986
Hi! My name is Florenza. Everybody calls me Flor, like flower in my native language :) , and I am from Argentina.
Recently I have landed in Spain so this is my first stop of the journey. I have been traveling for 3 months and it´s a journey to nowhere specifically. Love to travel and to get to know new places, new people and discovering new sides of myself. Passionate about everything especially beeing outside, and better if it´s with nature!

But this time I´m traveling alone without wishes of return for a while and I want to be present, doing my best to others. The most important thing is definately the experience with people-sharing stories, experiences, culture, thoughts, food and the reciprocity of share your own things.

India, Indonesia, Nepal
Women Empowerment
Social Work
I studied Licenciate in Genetic in Buenos Aires, Argentina and then a PhD degree at University of Buenos Aires. I love science. Science truly touches all aspects of our lives and our world, including those based on spirituality, concerning the perception of all energy. I´m Reiki master too. I have done courses of photography, massage and other hobbies!
I have some experience at voluntary work at schools (New Hope of Children Association, Siam Reap, Cambodia, 2014)