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Derly Alexandra Moreno Alvarez


Derly Alexandra Moreno Alvarez
Joined on 19/06/2017 Born 07/01/1987
Spiritual person who is looking for the opportunity to serve to the humnity. Industrial Engineer with Master in Administration and Management of Commercial Businesses and Distribution. Experience in hosting events, logistics, customer service, market research and quality. I am a Proactive, recursive, creative person with learning capacity and flexibility. Great interest in working on the implementation of social projects and programs based on promotion and prevention of human and social development.

Africa, Central Asia, South Asia, South East Asia, Central America, South America, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia
Animal Care
Women Empowerment
Social Work
Service Skills • Passion to serve to the humanity • Efficient in the tasks that i'm assign • Highly responsible putting all my love in the work that I do Strategic Planning • Analysis clients and suppliers to improves de services and the negations • Route optimization and planning in order to reduce cost and time. • Analysis processes and procedures, risks, indicators, advantages and disadvantages to improve the functioning of the company. • Financial Analysis to improve the rentability of the company Marketing and Customer Service Strategy • Customer segmentation by the identification of his needs and the opportunities. Centro de Asesorias Integrals. • Development of competitive growth strategies offering to the students to reinforcement in the subjects identified previously in which they require more instructions. Centro de Asesorias Integrals. • Differentiation strategies allowing an increase in sales by proposing topics for Seminaries and conferences for students and teachers, in order to strengthen the brand.
I've been doing some service in the spiritual paths like Vipassana and A Course of Miracles. In those course I helped to the correct function of the retreat. Like helping with food and the cleanliness.