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Sandra Morante


Sandra Morante
Joined on 29/11/2016 Born 10/01/1982
Freelance web designer who travels the world while working :-). I'm a girl who adores and respect every single detail of life, planet and people.

I love simple things, sharing, listening and feeling that I'm part of this big thing called nature. We need to work for evolving to a highest degree at the same time we need to help life to evolve itself as high as possible.

I do believe in consuming less, having the necessary for living and not being a slave for money. I try to live congruently just aligning thoughts and actions as much as I can. Congruency always brings clarity.

I'm vegan for healthy, environmental and ethical reasons. I enjoy so much cooking for other people any kind of 'green' dish. As much natural and less processed, much better! Because it has no sense to feed the soul without feeding the body with clean and pure food.

I love traveling and the magic that brings itself: learn to unlearn with no prejudices and no barriers.

And my trips won't be the same without my camera, that accompanies me beyond where I'm going. Photography is one of my devotions so I enjoy as a child telling histories through my pictures (

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- Photography - Vegan/raw cooking - Websites - Web, video and graphic design - Arts&Crafts
I was volunteering in an organic farm in the north of Thailand.