Carla Duque


Carla Duque

Joined on 19/05/2017. Born 18/01/1992
Want to help, just don't know how.. I am Carla, I am a communications student, I live in Medellín, I like kids and animals, I like to know new cultures and understand how others live.
In my free time I like taking pictures, drawing and writing

Want to visit

Africa, Central Asia, South Asia, North America, Australia, Cambodia, Ireland, Nepal, New Zealand, Norway, Vietnam

Interested in

Web Work
Conservation Work
Social Work

Additional Skills

Photography, video making and editing I can speak really good English and a little of German. My native Language is Espanish. I like eficiency but I also like to do things in a fun way. I don't know everything but I am an easy learning person and I really like to learn new things

Past Volunteering Experience

I don't have a direct experience Volunteering but I have colected tons of scholar material for children in my city that were actualy manege by Fundación ENTRETODOS in the city I live, Medellín