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Callum Wakefield

United Kingdom

Callum Wakefield
Joined on 16/05/2017 Born 24/01/1994
Well trained individual that seeks to be part of a solution not a problem. 23 years old seeking voluntary work in a place away from home. Love to get stuck into any task and see things as a challenge rather than work. Keen to work as an individual just as much as in a team and always offer help and guidance when necessary. Love anything to do with sports and played them since a very young age at different levels for various sports. I have always had a passion for animals since a little kid and it would be an honour to be part of something to help change for the better.

I have been a fitness instructor now coming up to 3 years and I understand this is voluntary work but it will give me an insight into what kind of life and career I could potentially have in this field of work in the future.

I have been a very committed athlete to training for the previous 4 years, competing in various events. I have strong skills in running, gymnastics, olympic lifting and skill work. A lot of hard work has gone into building these solid bases of an all round athlete and just shows that I have a very strong work ethic when my mind is set on achieving something.

Finally, I am very confident when it comes to meeting new people and I find myself very outgoing and put my self-about to find out new information or when struggling with something. I am not afraid to ask questions and will get the job done to the best of my ability.

South America, Europe, Middle East, Brazil, Ecuador, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Israel, Norway, Peru, Romania, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Uganda, United Arab Emirates
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I'm a strong minded individual who can also work very well within a team to achieve a given task. I have a very good understanding of how things work within any kind of work place. I have numerous A-Levels to support my knowledge, with extra courses taken in my own time to get to where I am now. I find with my skill set I would be perfect to work anywhere across the globe with the correct guidance this is due to my confidence. I can pick up new skills very quickly and being a keen learner I am wanting to acquire new ones all the time. I think this will be a perfect opportunity for me to do so whether it is academical or getting my hands dirty outside.
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