Jed Laurito

Philippines. Born 03/06/1955

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Jed Laurito - Volunteering Profile

I am a social development worker. I was a volunteer with VSO in Ethiopia, Bangladesh and Cambodia

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Presently I am supporting as a volunteer an Iconhome project; a fraternal home for the homeless children (boys) in Bogo City Cebu Philippines. This is an initiative under the Brothers of the Sacred Heart Philippine Delegation.

South East Asia, Cambodia


Management, training and advocacy work

A volunteer under the Voluntary Service Overseas(VSO) in
1. Ethiopia - Management Advisor on Participation and Governance in a Christian Relief Development Association in Addis Ababa;
2. Bangladesh- Management Advisor on Indigenous Community Rights in Uttara Development Society, Dhaka;
3. Bangladesh- Management Advisor on Indigenous Community Rights in Parbatya Buddha Mission in Kagrachari, Hill tracts, Bangladesh
4. Cambodia- Environmental Advisor on Environment Program of the NGO Forum in Cambodia,
Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia.

Volunteering Journal

The joy of volunteerism

on 27/08/2017
I still wanted to go volunteering outside my country. It is giving yourself more to those in need.