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Jesse .B. Graham


Jesse .B. Graham
Joined on 11/08/2017 Born 19/01/1992
Focused, Committed and Highly Motivated young man who is looking to make a positive impact on earth .. Well, I can say I'm quite an interesting person, I love to read a lot and wide, I do a lot of researching, I like nature and prefer to be in natural environments compared to populated and dense cities. I'm proactive and do my best to fix errors I find around me and my environment. I love music and also meeting new people. I'm a good sportsman also.. particularly great at playing basketball

Central Asia, North America, Europe, Middle East, Antarctica, Afghanistan, Antarctica, Canada, China, Egypt, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, United States
Agriculture Work
Social Work
1.Excellent Information Technologist (IT) 2.Good Analytic 3.Good Communication/Presentation Skills 4. Research and Data collection 5.Critical Thinker
I started a small foundation with a lady friend for orphan kids in remote parts of my country . We made private donations on our own mainly .
Updatedon 12/08/2017
" The Mission of GBT: the development of ecotourism and the cultivation of a socially-responsible society through the organization of volunteer and educational projects. The mission is in line with my personal life goal which is addressing Environmental Sustainability issues through capacity building. I would like to share with the world what i know through GBT. Let's help educate people on our environment and save PLANET EARTH "
Great Baikal Trail Non-Profit Organization