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Fernanda Palermo


Fernanda Palermo
Joined on 26/10/2016 Born 17/01/1992
I'm a young doctor with big goals looking for learning how to give more. I'm 24 years old, I’m a general doctor. Tango Dancer, Tarot card reader, Permaculture and Ancient Sciences Fanatic. I love working with people specially women and children, I have worked in my country as the National Officer of SCORP( Standing Committee On Human Right Refuges and Peace) on a ONG of medicine Students word wide IFMSA, Developing projects about violence and patient’s rights. Not long ago I started to be interested in permaculture and Ecovillages, hopefully with hard work and with my heart in service of my intellect someday I’ll have an Integral health center located in an Eco village in my country. . I’m train Doctor in Occidental Medicine, but with a open mind and looking forward to learn as much as possible of all kinds of medicine.

South East Asia, Cambodia, India, Israel, Thailand, Vietnam
Agriculture Work
-Health care, I have organized 4 rural brigades in Ecuador, also I have Worked in public health specially Education about sexuality, HIV, LTGB With adolescent population. -I speak 3 languages: Spanish, English and French -I love to teach even thought I am not a certify teacher - I have experience working in farms and ecovillages, with animals and plants. I love learning Permaculture techniques. -I’m a very Arty person I dance Tango, Salsa, I paint and Do art crafts
- Volunteering with terminal patients for two years in the hospital ABEI in Quito.
- 2012-2014 I worked as the National Officer of Ecuador of Human Rights and Peace, Creating and Participating in Projects regarding: Violence against women and children, Indigenous Rights, Hospital Clown, I organized two conferences about alternative therapies for terminal patients and the correct way of imparting bad news.
- I Help to organized 4 rural heath brigades in the Cotopaxi- Ecuador communities.
- Volunteering for a moth in Rhiannon Community that is an Eco Farm in Ecuador.