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Diogo Almeida

Czech Republic

Diogo Almeida
Joined on 12/10/2016 Born 16/01/1990
Diogo is a challenge boy, he likes to do adventures, have fun in the things that he does and enjoy the life. :). I would describe myself as a person full of ideas and energy. I like to travel , practice sports, be inovative in the things that I do, and help people to smille. Im from Portugal , and currently Im leaving in Czech Republic. I studied Mechanical engineer and nowadays Im working as a designer. But... I feel that this activities that Im doing dont satisfy all my needs so I would like to do some volunteer and with that find myself (at the same time help the others, learn and share knowledge). In my life, I worked as a farmer (help my grandfather), barman, shop assistant, latin dances teacher and now as a designer. Please let me know if you have something interesting where can I help .. :)

Central America, Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua
Animal Care
Archaeological Work
Web Work
Conservation Work
Disaster Relief
I would describe myself as a pratical person. I like to do manual works ( create things, design, be inovative, fix stuff ) also I like to speak and negociate.
I didnt have so much volunteering experiences in the past, but while I was living in Portugal I join for some times to some campains for collect money for people with cancer and also collecting food for homeless people.