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Tin May Htut ( you can call me May)


Tin May Htut ( you can call me May)
Joined on 22/05/2017 Born 13/01/1997
Along with travelling and exploring, I also volunteer, mostly for education.. I'm a university student and travel around SEA since 2016 and around my country. I have planned to make an education project at Chin State and Bagan which are local in a near future ( Maybe in 2018).

Africa, South Asia, South East Asia, The Caribbean, Cambodia, Chile, Denmark, Ethiopia, Germany, Ghana, Haiti, Indonesia, Kenya, Laos, Mongolia, Philippines, Vietnam
Women Empowerment
Social Work
currently studying political science, education for non-English speaking children, cooking
Volunteered at a local church-based organization for young kids who can't afford for education, currently volunteering at non-profit organization which works for local low-paid artists ( mainly like a social-enterprise, some artists are disable), currently volunteering at an education project in Laos, namely Aay's Village