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Eugenia Grijalvo Lopez


Eugenia Grijalvo Lopez
Joined on 18/10/2016 Born 10/01/1958
Biologist, teacher since 25 years or so in secundary schools, now I am with my partner in sabatical year around India, I like nature, and music; I am not patient.. I have 2 hernias but as I practice Yoga, usually they don´t give me pain; anyway I can´t do hard work ,for example gardening, for long time.
I like to involve in a voluntering project with my partner, he is philosophy teacher since 25 years or so.

Central America, South America, Argentina, Ecuador, Guatemala
Agriculture Work
Conservation Work
I can teach spanish, nature process and basic sciences. I think I am an openminded person, and I like to work in teams. I am sensible with the women´s rights shortage.
In a Oxfam Charity shop in London, for 9 months, two days per week.