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Itati sotelo
Joined on 17/10/2016 Born 08/01/1985
Free Soul. My name is Itati Sotelo, I have 30 years. I was born in Tierra del Fuego is the southernmost province of Argentina, located in the Patagonia region in South West Indies and in the sector of the Antarctic continent called Antarctica Argentina.
Given the latitudes of the territory the climate is cold, although there are wide variations determined by altitude, degree of continentality and the same latitude. The farther south the weather is colder.
I studied at a secondary school of Arts, I majored in performing arts, after several years of study of art and culture, then continue my university studies in different institutions and different areas such as engineering, foreign trade, human resources, project management and especially in culture.
I have work experience as Project Manager and Human Resources as a freelance in public administration, then as a university lecturer in Economics and Human Resources and teacher of performing arts.
I am currently in Product search, new challenges and new destinations.

South East Asia, North America, Central America, Europe, The Caribbean, Antarctica, Argentina
Social Work
Web Work
PROFESSIONAL: Project Management,HR management,Administration,Education IT: Office, Video edition, Internet and social networks, Audio Editing. PERSONAL: Leadership, Teamwork, Responsibility, Perseverance.
I don´t have Past Volunteering Experience