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Alejandra Leon


Alejandra Leon
Joined on 01/08/2017 Born 05/01/1993
Agent of Change, Social Worker. I am an outgoing person, always willing to help. Talkative and patient. One of my main goals in life is to work for the people most in need.

I love the nature and I am sure that my actions have the power to change the world.

I am willing to support NGOs with all my heart and capacities, and improve the live of the people around me.

I love and live to learn, I am proactive and want to learn more about world wide cultures and traditions.
I speak spanish as mother tongue, french, english and protugues. I would love to learn Assamese, Tamil, Sanskrit, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam and Odia; and also teh story behind those language.

Africa, South Asia, South America, India
Human Rights Work
Women Empowerment
Passionate, hard worker, committed, professionalism, ability to work in a team, Leadership, Problem solving and adaptability, ommunication skills when talking to people of all ages, ethic work, confidence, flexibility and creativity.
People in situation of Human mobility and vulnerability as part of the World Food Programme, UN Agency.
Emergency response with people vulnerable due to shocks with the Red Cross.
LGBT population campaign to protect the excesice of their rights with the Equity Foundation.
Construction of emergency housing with NGO, TECHO, regional initiative for people is situation of vulnerability.