Isaac Merho Togbah Jr.


Isaac Merho Togbah Jr.
Joined on 26/06/2018 Born 02/08/1995
Isaac Merho Togbah Jr
I am Isaac Merho Togbah, a very honest and intelligent personage who love humans greatly and like to be a part of sport games viewing at time and also a branch missionary at the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints.. I love working hard in order to get what I want in this world and not forgotten something more special which is my desire to accomplish my greatest goal which is my education and notwithstanding, I due all respect to the Most High God, for granting me the favor to see much more years and the mind set up to make a great change in society and the world as large... At times I love singing, listening to music when kinda reminiscing about my past events, it is most likely for me being in such a living adventure and pressing forward to achieved all my quests which of course I will be able to do so as soon as possible when God readiness is about to be taken in my star of success! I sometimes love to eat spicy food and drink a bit cool water at times but most oftenly drink warm water to served as a refresh to my mind... characterizing my path as a divine one because I served to learn from my mistakes and to repeat it not in my day to day life of living, and can ashore you guys that when am happen to be selected, I will work tirelessly to achieve for the better and to bring forth proud to my work each and everyday once the breath is in me... I summon myself as a call duty everytime when I am needed urgently by my head, boss or leader at job-site when am present..... CURRICULUM VITAE
Name : Isaac Merho Togbah, Jr.  
Date of Birth : August 2, 1995
Place of Birth : Ganta, Nimba County
Nationality : Liberian
Marital Status : Single
Contact : +231 770975901
Email :

2016-2017 : Certificate
Health Assistant School Association of Liberia
(HASAL) Inc.  
2012-2013 : Diploma & WAEC Certificate
St. Michael Catholic High School
New Georgia Road  
Monrovia, Liberia

2013-present : Branch Missionary (Sunday School Secretary)    
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day-Saints  
New Georgia Old Field Comm.
Monrovia, Liberia

Africa, Belgium
Computer Science(I.T)/ Soccer/ Volley Ball
I’ve worked as a branch missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day-Saints, serving through out and working in line with the gospel principles, my branch which is now a ward had always been so proud of me in my teachings while working around to win souls for our Lord the personal Savior Jesus Christ, the true and only son of the living God; I’ve also served in the church as a Sunday School Secretary and I have thought both the Sunday school Class and the Gospel Essential Class of the Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day-Saints.