Matias Irigoyen


Matias Irigoyen

Joined on 09/11/2016. Born 03/01/1988
Im a happy and positive person.. Im 27 years old and i love life. There are some things that i want to change about it and thats why i want to volunteer. Im a manager in a multi national american company and i lead a wonderful team in the supply chain area. Im about to get my major on International business. I love music, sports, travel and, of course, playing video games. I lovr my family and i love my friends. I have a strong christian background though im not fully active in my church. I love teaching and i've learnt to love children as well because i have a big family and a lot of brothers and sisters.

Want to visit

Africa, Central Asia, South Asia, South East Asia, North America, Europe, Middle East, Oceania

Interested in

Conservation Work
Disaster Relief

Additional Skills

Experience in Teaching familys and individuals. Inventory planning and Management. Experience in Supply Chain. Team supervision and capacitacion. Giving speeches. Play the guitar. Job Interviews and performance assesment interviews.

Past Volunteering Experience

2 years of pro-bono community service in the South of Chile. (Missionary for the LDS church)