Daniela Gómez

Colombia. Born 13/11/1997

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Daniela Gómez - Volunteering Profile

I love everything related to the communities of the world, especially their transculturality and their psychological conditions

My name is Daniela, I am studying Psychology, I am in the penultimate year and I love community social psychology. I am interested in meeting and seeing different people such as grandparents, grandmothers, mothers, parents and especially children who make up their community, sharing specialties, traditional and beautiful. I would like to learn from many communities and feel part of them, helping them, working and giving a part of myself as a gift, this type of actions and more than those that fill my heart.

North America, Central America, South America, The Caribbean, Argentina, Aruba, Canada, Cuba, France

Human Rights Work
Women Empowerment
Social Work

I am very good working as a team, interacting with other people, I am empathetic and I like to have a good communication with others. I am tolerant to jobs with different conditions. I always like to learn and help in everything I can.

I don't have experience of past volunteering