Héritier RUNORO


Héritier RUNORO
Joined on 12/06/2019. Born 19/08/1993
Passionate at transforming people. By character, I am focused, calm, Silent, Good at public speaking, Meticulous, hard working, thoughtful, deliverer, full of team working spirit and very responsible.

Africa, North America, Europe
Faith and Wellness
Human Rights Work
Social Work
Women Empowerment
Refugee Support
I learnt and very related to my passion of development and field of studies; where i am good at “Strategic planning”, “monitoring & Evaluation”, " Statistics ", " Demography ", "General sociology", " General psychology", "Environmental management", " Conflict management", "Sociology of Genocide", "Anthropology", “Human resource management”, “Project management”, “communication management", “ Public law”. Also as described in my experinces, i am good at designing projects, drafting projects proposals, good at writting fund requests, editing projects, Processing Procurements.
I have an experience of 5 years (August 2013-December 2018) volunteering as a president of a home-church in evangelical restoration Church; where i had these roles as follows: - Organize weekly gatherings, - Ensure everyone is trained and taught, -Develop strategies and guidelines to achieve goals, - Ensure social works,- Represent the church authority in the area, - Do planning and management of it, - Do counseling, - Do follow-up, - Reporting and evaluating, - team leading, - Advisor in the church counsel.

August 2018-November 2018, i served as a supporting officer and assistant project manager in International child resource institute (ICRI-Rwanda); with responsibilities of drafting project proposals, budgets, reports on donors standard, M&E, providing technical assistance and supporting all officers.

Since January 2019 i am serving as an assistant accountant and assistant commercial officer in East Gate Ltd; with responsibilities of doing general accounting, filing financial and accounting documents, data entry, data analysis, Processing procurements, Billing, reporting on financial arena, auditing and any assigned duty.